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Información acceso a ISEN

Do you want to study at ISEN?

ISEN teaches university degrees since 1983, as Faculty associated with the University of Murcia, according to the agreement signed by both institutions


ISEN is a private cultural foundation. Our faculty is associated with the University of Murcia, therefore, our undergraduate and master’s degrees are official and certified by the University of Murcia.

Students who enrol in University Centers associated with the University of Murcia pay:

  • Private price: contact the center via informacion@isen.es or calling 968 50 53 13 to ask for information about the price.
  • Under academic records, 25% of the prices established in the Orden of public prices that set them, and that are approved every academic year, notwithstanding what was agreed in the corresponding registration agreements.

Yes, you could apply for a government grant from Education in the established time periods. We cannot guarantee in any case that it is going to be awarded. ISEN does not have its own grants.

A cut-off mark refers to the marks from the last student who was admitted to a degree the previous year. The cut-off mark is used as guidance for the following year, it is not fixed and depends on the number of places offered, the applications and the marks from the candidates.
The cut-off mark last academic year was 5.

The degree in Preschool Education is taught in the morning.
The degree in Primary Education is taught in the morning, and the majors (4th year) in the evening.
The PCEO preschool and primary is taught in the morning.
The Degree in Security, on-site, is taught in the evening.
The Masters is taught in the evening.
All majors in Education are taught in the evenings except for the Major in Physical Education, taught in the morning and in the evening.

Theory lessons are on-site.
Theory lessons are on-site.
Practical lessons are compulsory for every student, except for special cases such as a student who cannot attend because of work, always letting the professor know in advance.

Yes, applying for a record transfer. You must get the information about the requirements at the Faculty of Education.

The average ratio of students per classroom is 30, but in the Degree of Primary Education that number varies because of the different majors we offer in the fourth year.

Study notes are used, these can be downloaded from the online campus. All the recommended reference materials is available to students in the library.

At the Department of International Relations there are available a variety of agreements (Erasmus Plus, Erasmus Internship…) with foreign universities, to exchange teachers and students. Students from ISEN are subject to the same conditions as any other student from the University of Murcia for mobility programs.
Besides, via Cambridge, ISEN trains students so that they can take different level tests provided by this institution. In this way, we make sure that our students have the competencies necessary to obtain a B1 or B2 certificate.

To access our degrees it is compulsory to have passed one of the following exams or certificates:

  • EBAU
  • Higher National Diplomas or Vocational training courses
  • Entrance test for people from 25-45 years old.

To get more information: https://www.um.es/web/vic-estudios/contenido/acceso

ISEN University center is associated with the University of Murcia, therefore the pre-enrolment and enrolment follow the same administrative process.

Access Calendar for Undergraduate Studies UMU
Link to pre-enrolment form UMU

In our Secretary at ISEN, our colleagues from Attention to Students can help you solve any problems regarding Undergraduate studies and the enrolment process.

We suggest you ask for an appointment through this link, sending an email to informacion@isen.es or calling 968 50 53 13

Once the lists of admitted students are published, the student has to formalize the enrolment at https://automatricula.um.es/

When you finish the self-enrolment, you must make an appointment to bring the necessary documents to secretary and pick up a receipt for the private fee from ISEN University Center.

We suggest you make an appointment by sending an email to informacion@isen.es or calling 968 50 53 13

The call is done at the Social Center at the University of Murcia

The student will have the details of their appointment (day and time) on the webpage preinscripcion.um

where the list of admitted students will be confirmed. After attending the call, the student will have three days to formalize their self-enrolment.

To obtain more information: https://automatricula.um.es/automatricula/portal.seam

The University of Murcia has a normative that regulates how undergraduate and master students can obtain the recognition of credits for academic activities, cultural, etc.

To obtain more information: https://www.um.es/web/vic-estudios/contenido/normativa/reconocimiento

The application to transfer records will be done at the corresponding Secretary:

– Periodo del 15 de mayo al 15 de Junio.
– Periodo del 16 de julio al 5 de septiembre.

To obtain more information go to:

Para toda la información relativa a becas, por favor, visita este enlace https://www.um.es/web/estudios/becas

Nuestros alumnos pueden solicitar las becas del Ministerio de Educación dentro de los plazos establecidos, https://www.becaseducacion.gob.es/portada.html




Carmen Mayordomo

Those students interested in finance their enrolment fees, either the whole sum or part of it,

ISEN has agreements with the following banks: