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Volunteering at ISEN

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Our volunteering services

ISEN, university center associated with the University of Murcia, has a volunteering service that aims to develop actions that help in promoting solidarity, awareness-raising, and social responsibility.

These initiatives constitute a fundamental pillar in the learning process of our students. Through them, students develop a bigger collective conscience and a strong critical spirit and give a social service to the community, as well as obtaining CRAU credits to their academic record.

There are a few projects in collaboration with different entities and we refer to the Sustainable Development Goals for the 2030 Agenda (SDG 2030).

School Reinforcement
Program at Anibal School

The program of school reinforcement takes place at Anibal school, a priority education center. There, our students work in groups three evenings a week helping children from families in disadvantaged situations to do their homework.

School reinforcement with minors in disadvantaged situations and/or sociocultural risk in the municipality of Cartagena.

SDG 1, 3, 4, 10, 11, 16

Socio-educational support program
Maestros Mundi

The socio-educational support program has as its objective to potentiate and improve knowledge, abilities and skills of the volunteers to create better interventions in the future. Additionally, it favours school integration through social abilities, and promotes cultural diversity. It is done in collaboration with Maestros Mundi.

Socio-educational support to childhood and families at risk of social exclusion in the municipalities of Murcia and Cartagena (Maestros Mundi)

SDG 1, 3, 4, 10, 11, 16

ISEN’s volunteering
service coordinator.


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