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University Center

Focus on quality teaching since 1983.

University Center

ISEN University Center
Faculty associated with
the University of Murcia

ISEN teaches university degrees since
1983, as Faculty associated with the University of Murcia
according to the agreement signed by both

has aimed since its foundation to be a
quality educational project. Thirty-seven years
of experience in university training, and
forty-five dedicated to Vocational Training, endorse a
work guided by rigor and prudence.


ISEN, es una fundación cultural privada. Nuestra Facultad está adscrita a la Universidad de Murcia, por lo tanto, los títulos de los grados y máster son oficiales y títulos de la Universidad de Murcia

Students who enrol in University Centers associated with the University of Murcia pay:

  • Private price: contact the center via informacion@isen.es or calling 968 50 53 13 to ask for information about the price.
  • Under academic records, 25% of the prices established in the Orden of public prices that set them, and that are approved every academic year, notwithstanding what was agreed in the corresponding registration agreements.

Yes, you could apply for a government grant from Education in the established time periods. We cannot guarantee in any case that it is going to be awarded. ISEN does not have its own grants.

La nota de corte hace referencia a la calificación del último alumno admitido a la titulación en un determinado curso. La nota de corte sirve de orientación para el siguiente curso, no es fija y depende del número de plazas que se ofertan, de las solicitudes y de las calificaciones de los solicitantes.

The degree in Preschool Education is taught in the morning.
The degree in Primary Education is taught in the morning, and the majors (4th year) in the evening.
The PCEO preschool and primary is taught in the morning.
The Degree in Security, on-site, is taught in the evening.
The Masters is taught in the evening.
All majors in Education are taught in the evenings except for the Major in Physical Education, taught in the morning and in the evening.

Theory lessons are on-site.
Theory lessons are on-site.
Practical lessons are compulsory for every student, except for special cases such as a student who cannot attend because of work, always letting the professor know in advance.

Yes, applying for a record transfer. You must get the information about the requirements at the Faculty of Education.

The average ratio of students per classroom is 30, but in the Degree of Primary Education that number varies because of the different majors we offer in the fourth year.

Study notes are used, these can be downloaded from the online campus. All the recommended reference materials is available to students in the library.

At the Department of International Relations there are available a variety of agreements (Erasmus Plus, Erasmus Internship…) with foreign universities, to exchange teachers and students. Students from ISEN are subject to the same conditions as any other student from the University of Murcia for mobility programs.
Besides, via Cambridge, ISEN trains students so that they can take different level tests provided by this institution. In this way, we make sure that our students have the competencies necessary to obtain a B1 or B2 certificate.


¿Por qué estudiar en ISEN?

Our teaching methodology
de enseñanza.

At ISEN we work on the creation, development and transfer of knowledge, convinced that education is the backbone of society.

ISEN provides their students with solid individual training, social and professional, that allows them to manage their profession, efficacy, ethics, will to success, critical spirit and freedom.

Future-proof education

Our students gain knowledge, skills and professional abilities that equip them with unquestioned and high-profile position in the job market, either in our region, in the rest of Spain, or any international context.

Likewise, we provide students with the necessary means to develop and reach specific teaching and research competencies in corresponding academic fields.

Our resolve

At ISEN we have the determination of managing and maintaining the highest level of academic and teaching standards in the degrees and studies we offer.

The Campus


Nuestro Modelo

ISEN, University Center, Faculty associated with the University of Murcia, contributes to social progress and improvement in the areas we can reach, through a rigorous teaching model, innovative and individualised, that aims to be a reference of quality in its every initiative and enterprise.

An avant-garde university institution, specialized in social sciences, with a strong international profile, and positioned as an attractive institution and recognized by students and teachers.

An urban university space, focused on the challenges of its environment and capable of gathering and managing the good of the public and the private. Economically sustainable and financed with the resources generated by the institution's own activity.

A rigorous and effective academic teaching service, that adapts to the context and needs of the community, without ever losing sight of its commitment to society.

ISEN’s strategic aims for the next years are:

    • The internationalisation of the center.
    • Adapting teaching to new technologies and digitalisation
    • Promote our corporative image

We promote a unique pedagogical approach based on the principles of respect and transparency with students and their families.

Since the three possible levels of socialising knowledge were established -school, university and academia-, the function of these three different levels in society has always been disputed. Without joining the debate, we think that the function holds four principles: transfer of knowledge, training professionals, research, and provide society with educated and cultured people.

We understand an educated and cultured person to be one who has knowledge appropriate to the speciality in which they were trained, along with the capacity to engage rationally with the historical and social context in which they live. This requires two types of knowledge: technical -curricular competencies that they must master- and those that would make them a historically and ethically sensible person.

In the same vein, we aim to provide all our students with the knowledge corresponding to their specialty, and we aspire to train them in the aptitude and intellectual experiences needed to become best citizens.

Organisational values of ISEN:

    • Quality as the essence of the service we provide
    • Ethics as the guide for all our actions and decisions
    • Consciousness of the social responsibility of our work
    • Tolerance and trust in people, and especially in students
    • Innovation in teaching and in pedagogical paradigms
    • Determination to facilitate progress both individual and social through education
    • Cooperation with the AAPP in the provision of the public service of education

Our Academic Council, from the experience, and personal and professional solvency from of all its members, contributes to our institution with reflection and a point of view that favours our permanent improvement and adaptation, and promotes the present and future development of the Foundation, the Center and our Region.