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Grado en Educación Primaria Bilingüe en Inglés (Degree in Primary Education Bilingual Group)

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Grado en Educación Primaria Bilingüe en Inglés (Degree in Primary Education Bilingual Group)

General Information

Degree Type



In campus


240 ECTS

Course duration

4 years


Graduates in Primary Education are professionals able to promote their most creative side, leading and managing initiatives. Additionally, they are able to solve problems democratically, promoting and rewarding interdisciplinary collaboration to improve teamwork.They also study cognitive, linguistic and cultural diversity.

Student profile

Graduation profile

The graduation profile corresponds to one of a generalist teacher with teaching competence in every area of this educational stage. The Primary Education graduates can complete their training with one of the following four specialities, which correspond to different professional profiles:

» Physical Education Specialty. Being able to analyse the curriculum of the area and develop the teaching-learning process of physical education, adapting it to the abilities and diversity of students.

» English as a foreign language Specialty. To be able to develop the teaching-learning process of the FL (English), adapting it to the abilities and diversity of students from 6 to 12 years, researching and innovating in their own educational action.

» Specific needs for educational support Specialty. Teacher with skills to plan, implement and evaluate the educational intervention on students who have learning difficulties in the course of their schooling as a result of their diverse abilities, or their personal or contextual situation.

» Educational resources for school and free time Specialty. Being able to program and carry out, as part of the educational project of the centre, complementary activities to the development of curricular areas on scientific and cultural contents that promote educational proposals to be carried out both inside and outside the school.

Exit profile

Primary teaching is rewarding, diverse and dynamic, requiring you to demonstrate a passion for learning and the ability to support children across a range of backgrounds and abilities. Indeed, primary school teachers have a variety of duties beyond just teaching and lesson planning. For that reason, ISEN offers you the opportunity to undertake work-based learning, allowing you to see first-hand where you could fit as an educator in the primary landscape.


These graduates are normally highly motivated towards teaching and are dynamic, communicative and with the ability to spark interest in students. Their training corresponds to that of a generalist teacher, with the possibility of studying a specialty, which allows for easy adaptation to the teaching of every specialty. These ability to adapt is used to adjust the teaching-learning process to the previous knowledge of students. Primary Education graduates can study a second specialty to have access to a wider selection of job opportunities in Primary Education. Their professional activities are normally carried out in public, state financed or private schools:

Public sector:

Primary Education teacher, Secondary Education teacher, High Education teacher, unaccredited training teacher, services to the community technician teacher.

Private sector:

Sociocultural Entertainer, free time activities coordinator, expert in didactic material design, sign language expert, free time monitor, sports entertainer, primary education teacher, secondary education teacher, high education teacher, unaccredited training teacher, sports coordinator for the physically impaired

Third sector:

Sociocultural entertainer, free time activities coordinator, sign language expert, free time monitor, unaccredited training teacher, and sports coordinator for the physically impaired.

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